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Bali: New Hands at Bali Safari and Marine Park

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Big cats lose claws - Tiger World News

By tigress62

Big cats featured on The Lion Man hit TV show are suffering after having their paws ‘mutilated’ so they could perform with their handlers, says the wildlife park troubleshooter now overseeing the animals’ welfare.

Some 29 of the 37 lions and tigers at Zion Wildlife Gardens have been declawed – a practice condemned as ‘barbaric’ by consultant Tim Husband, hired after the fatal mauling of Zion ranger Dalu Mncube in May.

Originally posted at stuff.co.nz on the same day.


Zion park earns it stripes - The Northern Advocate

By Mike Barrington
20th July 2009

Zion Wildlife Gardens  staff are optimistic about the Whangarei big-cat park's future.

Community support, including financial help from Kamo businesses, has been a key factor in reviving the park's prospects after a long period of despondency.

Fix-it man takes on lion park's woes - NZ Herald

Wednesday Jun 10, 2009 4:00 AM

Zoo troubleshooter Tim Husband has been hired to sort out the Zion Wildlife Gardens in Whangarei, where a keeper was killed by a tiger last month.


Lion man ventures into overseas den

05 Jun, 2009 10:19 AM

EXPERIENCED zookeeper and Taralga district man Tim Husband has taken on a new challenge, this time in New Zealand.


Australia: Handler takes on escaped lion

By Brendan O'Malley
September 08, 2006 12:00

A WILDLIFE handler has told how he confronted a 130kg lion after it escaped from its enclosure at a north Queensland zoo and coaxed it back.

Tim Husband locked 30 staff into a lodge on the Out of Africa Lion and Animal Reserve for an hour yesterday morning while he took on two-year-old lion Goldie.

NEW Look Zoo reopens doors
Zookeeper Tim Husband has been at the park through the whole saga and he hopes locals and tourists will support the new-look venture ...


LION KING - Courier Mail
Staff, locals and the media hailed the head curator a hero after he boldly confronted Goldie nine days ago, coaxing the lion back through a hole that had been accidentally gouged open by a steel-bladed brushcutter.
Zoo owner Udo Jattke said Mr Husband was one of the reasons he bought the failed Mareeba Wild Animal Park, which had closed in 2004 owing about $3million.
"He's a can-do person, a champion guy," Mr Jattke said.
The park's consultant vet Annabelle Olsson said the zookeeper had achieved astonishing results, and his greatest asset was an ability to "put himself in the animals' shoes"

Friday, 8th September 2006


Goldie Escapes
Lion About [file photo]

TV Shows: Animal Hospital
Tim Husband Curator, National Zoo & Aquarium Lady Denman Drive, Scrivener Dam, ACT 2611 (02) 6287 1211; Horse with sauce Lindsay Wilkinson RSPCA Inspector


The consultants of ZOOWORKS would like to make a statement in ...Tim Husband / The TRUTH / ZooWorks in Australia

... responsibility of Zooworks to ensure the animals were comfortable and ... To conclude, the ZOOWORKS team know they have achieved the best outcome with ...www.outofafricareserve.com/zwkstat.pdf

Tim Husband / The Truth Inside Cairns Wildlife Reserve / The real story behind allegations / Tim Husband Zooworks


ABC News Online

A Lion that escaped from its enclosure in a far north Queensland zoo has been recaptured

Conversation Hour - Richard Fidler

Tim loves his lions. "They're different than most cats because lions are a pride animal, so they've really got to have a social group and they need to be together, so I always practice... feeding the lions all together instead of separating them so everybody knows their place. They're a big family. They're great animals to work with."Lion

Ever wonder what having a lion about the place would be like?

Tim Husband, a curator at the national Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, shared his experience.
November 2003

Tim Husband




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