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Want to get the best out of your staff? Imagine the results your staff could achieve from having their very own Life Coach or mentor.

ZOOWORKS consultants provide staff assessment, training, coaching and mentoring services to employees in all areas of your business.

We can provide 'one on one' staff coaching or mentoring to any employee within your organization.

Have you tapped into the unlimited potential of networking within your region? We can provide assistance with identifying existing and potential networks to form strategic alliances for your business to grow.



Zoo Master Plan
Do you have a vision for your zoo business? How will it look in 5 or 10 years time? We can help you create or modify your zoo or Park Master plan to suit your needs.

Zoo / Park licensing requirements
We provide assistance with licensing issues for new and existing zoos and/or parks. We work well with Government departments and can help you cut through the "Red tape".

Animal collection plans
We provide assistance with animal collection plans including assessment of existing and proposed collection. We specialize in creating realistic plans for your business and work closely with the Australasian Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) to source animals.

Enclosure/ landscape design
We assess design considerations for new or existing animal exhibits specific to the animals requirements including recreational areas surrounding the enclosures. We closely follow government guidelines for exhibiting animals to meet Australasian standards.

Animal importation including transportation
We provide assistance with specific importation requirements of new animals nationally and internationally including the necessary animal transport requirements.

Animal husbandry manuals
A well managed zoo has husbandry manuals for each animal in the collection. ZOOWORKS consultants can create Animal husbandry manuals for your new and existing animal collection. Husbandry manuals are the best way of providing all the animal information you need for your records.

Educational specific services
We provide Animal experienced teacher or trainers at your place of business to suit your specific requirements.

Animal related courses include:
•  Exotic, Native and Domestic Animal Husbandry
•  Animal Behaviour
•  Captive management



Have you got a vision for your business? Have you got a plan? We can provide assistance to create your business plan to give your business the edge it requires to thrive in times of change and pressures from market trends.

Marketing & Promotions
Who is your target market? Are you reaching them effectively. We can provide assistance with a Strategic Marketing and promotional plan specific to suit your business goals to have your business leading the way in the market.

Sponsorship Programs
How many sponsors do you have supporting your business?   Sponsor relationships can be an integral part of your business and often a "win -win" for both sides.

We can provide input with either an existing plan or create a new "start up" plan to help zoos and parks raise revenue from sponsorship initiatives to add value to your business.

Zoo troubleshooting
Are there any areas of your business that present problems? We can provide assistance and training on how to overcome the problem areas effectively.

We provide an effective assessment tool to identify the problem areas of your zoo business and create a solution plan to target these areas.




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