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Elephant in India

Puskar Monkey Temple

Holy Cow cafe
Holy Cow!

Delhi Zoo Curators
Tim meets Delhi zoo authorities

Indian Rhino
Indian Rhino


This Week

Safari Goes to School today!

Wendy and her education team from Bali Safari & Marine park went out to visit the Samaritania schools in Bali today.

This was the first time these children have had a wildlife 'close encounter' and for many of them,  the first time they'd even been on a bus!

This part of the job is the BEST!

Wendy's team that day


Mr.Tim and his CROC SQUAD relocate this almost 4 metre male crocodile to his new enclosure at the Bali Safari & Marine Park.
Croc Squad


The team at Zooworks – Tim and Wendy Husband have just flown in from an Asian zoo hop and are busy preparing for the annual Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks & Aquaria 2007 Conference, Wellington Zoo, New Zealand 18-22 March .

Towards 2107: meeting the challenges of the coming century.


Conference ZOO BLOG Now On

Tim and Wendy with their son, spent the summer zoo hopping their way through Asia.

They visited Hyderabad, Delhi & Jaipur zoos in India and Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. They also helped out at the International Rescue Centre for Animals and an elephant orphanage in Kerala and visited Thekkady National Park. The zoo team got very close to some of India’s rare and amazing wildlife.

Zooworks plan to return to Asia as zoo consultants in the near future.



Macaque on roof

Baby Elephant

Hyderabad zoo
Hyderabad zoo - moat construction

Zoo Negara Director
Tim meets Zoo Negara Director

That's India
That's India




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